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Weather has been unstable this week so if you are unsure if your games are happening, please contact your Coach or Team Manager for updates.  We will post on this page if we get confirmation to share with you. 


We have some important volunteer positions open for the 2016 term. We are currently looking for a Registrar, Rally Cap Director, and Vice President to help us with the current season. Our annual AGM takes place in September and a number of positions will be opening up.  If you are interested in joining our volunteer organization, please contact our President Tammy Brown at president@eabaseball.ca. We will be talking to parent members throughout the season about the positions and recruiting based on knowledge and experience. Now is a great time to get involved and help us grow!

The WEATHER  plays a factor on our baseball games. We use City of Edmonton natural turf sports fields and the city determines if we can play. Please copy and paste the link below by 4:00 pm on days where you are not sure your child is playing. The coach or team manager will be the person to contact. Generally if it is below +7 degrees or there is rain, there will be no games. Older divisions will determine make-up games with their opponent via coaches. The Rally Cap and Rookie games will not be rescheduled with the exception of Rally Cap Evaluations. 

http://coewebapps.edmonton.ca/facilitynotifications (Please copy and paste this link to your browser – chose Sports Fields and South East) EABA is at the discretion of the city.

UNITED CYCLE VOUCHER FOR 2016 – please click this link and print off to bring to the store 2016 MINOR BASEBALL PLAYER 

2016 EABA RAFFLE FUNDRAISER – Our Association’s Raffle this year is even better! We are asking all families sell ONE book of TEN tickets. All tickets need to be sold and returned by May 31st. Please click this link for the details Raffle information 2016

Rally Cap Game Schedule – games are at Mill Woods Park and Weinlos Park – please click this link to open the schedule.Rally Cap game schedule – 2016

Rookie Game Schedule – all games are at Mill Woods Park and the practices are at Weinlos Park – please click this link to open the schedule. Final Rookie Game Schedule 2016

Mosquito and Peewee House teams are inter-leaguing with South Jasper Place. The Bantam and Midget House Teams are in the ERRBL. Please go to our Game schedule tab to go to the links for these league schedules.

The REP Team schedules are on the Baseball Alberta site and are linked in our Game Schedule page.


Some expectations from our parents this season pertain to volunteering and our raffle draw. There is no Casino in 2016. There is a raffle and each player will need to sell a book of 10 tickets. All players will have a full month to sell the tickets. Details and rules of the raffle are linked above in this News Page.

With volunteering, all Rally cap parents will actively participate with the players every game and at the two evaluation days. From the Rookie age to Midget, all parents will be given the opportunity to fill a specific volunteer position. We have a new template to choose from and it will be based on 12 players per team. We will need 1 coach, 2 assistant coaches, a team manager, uniform/equipment manager, 2 concession workers, raffle coordinator, scorekeeper, picture day coordinator, 2 diamond clean up helpers, 1 parent liaison. Some teams will not need some of these roles filled and older teams may need more. 


If you want to share some EABA news, please contact the webmaster@eabaseball.ca.

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